Saturday, October 6, 2007

Collin Worster - MFA Acting

Collin Worster goes by the name of Collin Frendz in the band Victor Bravo. Here's what they have to say about themselves:

Victor Bravo is made up by two guys from Maine who escaped out of the cold badlands for the relative warmth and laid-back ease of New York City. They burst out on the crest of tense, loud, fast garage-punk rock that people compare to the Ramones and Iggy Pop. Born in the same town, in the same hospital, in the same week, at times their performances make it seem like they're reading each other's minds.

Dan pounds the drums in a unique and sometimes terrifying way – broken sticks, cymbals, heads, shells, stands, bloodied hands, and other musicians standing aghast are the norm. Collin fires up blazing, dense, distorted guitar work and sings his guts out until people are shaking. Together, their songs are klaxon-blast warnings about everything that looms up to destroy you when you're not alert: parents, partners, politicos, and all the various forces of darkness.

The guys of Victor Bravo have been performing shows around New York City since 2006, when they released their DIY 4-song EP called Shut Out The Sky. Reviewers have given the disc strong praise, comparing their sound not only to the Ramones and Iggy Pop, but also Mudhoney, Husker Du, and the Dead Kennedys. The band themselves find other inspiration from acts
like Superchunk, Nirvana, L7, and Hole.

Victor Bravo is currently booking shows in New York City and around the U.S. Northeast. Shut Out The Sky is available from iTunes, CD Baby, and direct from the band's website at

Collin Frendz, Vocals/Guitar
"Making Anthems for Wreckage"

Sat Oct 13th @ The Charleston, Williamsburg Brooklyn

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